Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Not on social media? No problem! Links to information on Candidates

Good evening,

Know someone who is hoping for more information on candidates? Here are some links. 

I feel it's important that citizens, particularly those who read the Beacon Herald or Marketplace, are aware that an error was made. When requesting submissions from candidates, Andrew Fraser's email was typed incorrectly and he never received the request. I'm glad the Beacon Herald has published the list online this evening, I just wish they'd corrected the error on Friday or Saturday at the latest since Stratford voters began going to the polls on Friday. 

Knowing some friends are not on social media, I'm sending a few links that have been shared on Facebook to help you access information on the candidates. 

The Beacon Herald coverage from last week, now including all candidates: http://bit.ly/Election2018CouncilCandidates

I understand mistakes are made, I'm disappointed it took so long to address this error:   http://bit.ly/CanYouSeeADifferenceBeacon101618

The Stratford Public Library site with links to information on candidates: http://bit.ly/SPLElection2018

Information on the candidates running to represent Stratford on the Avon Maitland District School Board. http://bit.ly/StratfordCandidatesAMDSB2018

All the best with your deliberations.

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