Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why use a hammer when a feather would do?

I am thankful for all the input over the past few weeks as Council looks at addressing the order from the Chief Building Official. I would appreciate if you would share this with your friends and family and encourage them to email me with their feedback.

Please share.
Why does the decision around the Cooper Site matter?

Over 5 acres of land are inside the building. Why vote on demolition before meeting with CN for clarification on potential land uses?

Where's the money?
There is no budget line in the 2015 to pay for demolition so where will the money come from? Will another project be taken off the table? Which one? How many projects will be delayed to complete this undertaking in the proposed timeline?

What's the cost?How can Council entertain this motion without numbers? Do the math and then let Council weigh its options. Committing to demolition without the facts will require a motion to reconsider that must receive 2/3 of Council's support. Address the loose roofing material, secure the site, stage the property but let the building stand until the questions (some listed in the motion posted below) have been answered.

Why use a hammer when a feather will do? The Chief Building Officer's order doesn't speak of demolition. Why not follow it and remove loose roofing materials and secure the site? Then let's work together to "stage the property" - clean up the exterior, exchange some of the hoarding with glass to allow for those visiting the site to have a window into the building to imagine what its next chapter may be.

Many thanks to Simon Brothers for this video created last Saturday on a tour with Dean Robinson.

Cooper Site 11th Hour Tour with Dean Robinson by Simon Brothers

Here is the motion being considered at Monday May 11th's Council Meeting in Council Chambers, all are welcome.

9.3 Report of the Committee of the Whole Open Session: 

Your Committee recommends: 

9.3.1 Cooper Building Proposed Action: 

1. Retain 75,000 Square Feet of the building (green) with west wall, steel, and date stone;

2. Remove only loose roof material from balance of building for health and safety;

3. Because Heritage Stratford did not include the Annex (yellow) in reasons for designation, the Annex is to be demolished in the  future because it has no heritage value;

4. We will contact the railway to discuss permitted uses on the site and the 30 meter setback; 

5. Council will review the costing of available options and public uses as discussed at subcommittee on 30 April;

6. Commercial relator to market remaining 75,000 square feet as adaptive re-use to prospective developers until 30 September;

7. Remove cladding, loose material from building, and all outside buildings (blue);

8. Fencing issue to be decided by the Chief Building Official as per the Unsafe Order. 

Respectfully submitted by Mayor Mathieson, Chair. 

Motion by That the Report of the Committee of the Whole Open Session dated May 11, 2015 be adopted as printed.

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