Saturday, May 9, 2015

a letter from Dean Robinson

Dean Robinson has asked me to share his letter to Council. He also mentioned if there are groups of 10-12 interested in a walking tour of the Cooper Site, he is willing to serve as a tour guide. You can email me at and I will make an introduction, if you're interested.

Dean's letter:

In reflecting upon the Cooper site compromise that was visited upon most of us on Monday, I think there are some questions that need to be answered.

Does the demolition of the building need to stretch so far to the east?
I think we’ve been told it does, because the fire-damaged roof stretches that far to the east.
If it is the damaged roof that is of concern, why not take down just the damaged roof?
Why does a good chunk of the north wall (the west end of the north wall) need to come down with it?
As well, if you take down the west end of the north wall, you start cutting into the mezzanine (the balcony). And if you start cutting into the mezzanine, does that impact upon the integrity that mezzanine, which stretches all the way to the east end of the machine shop (the east end of the building).
To my knowledge, there is nothing wrong with the mezzanine, apart from its decking. I’ve been allowed on the mezzanine by the city’s former chief building official Dave Carroll.
Its decking is not perfect, but I would not describe it as unsafe. Nor would I say the decking reflects the strength of the mezzanine.
It is not easily accessible now because the staircases to reach it have been removed. I was told by Carroll they were removed for security reasons.
In any event, I don’t understand why sections of the wall and mezzanine need to be taken down because there is a “roof problem.” If the westerly end of the south wall can remain without a roof (as the current demo plan is calling for), why can’t the westerly end of the north wall and its attendant mezzanine remain without a roof?
Are there engineer reports that say the westerly end of the north wall and the mezzanine must come down?
As I said, there remain some questions to be answered.
I look forward to hearing those answers.
Dean Robinson 

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