Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Labour Council Questions & Kerry's Responses

1. If elected, what are your priorities for our community?

1. My priorities: increasing the effectiveness of transit in Stratford; addressing the infrastructure deficit; developing a plan for the Cooper Site; engaging the community in decision-making and implementing the Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan.

2. How do you view the role of public services in our community? Where do you stand on contracting out, and the privatization of public services?

2. I am thankful that the City of Stratford provides many good jobs. Where expertise or equipment is needed for a short term or where the needs cannot be effectively met by staff due to a range of issues, I support utilizing outside agencies. I am thankful that the City of Stratford's services are being used by adjacent municipalities to provide Household Hazardous Waste services.

3. If elected, what would you do to promote local services and good jobs in our community?

3. I believe that through stronger communication, opportunities will both be developed and highlighted that will allow for business to grow in the City. I will continue to do and to share research that will spark new ideas and approaches. I will work to address infrastructure needs to meet the needs of local business and to help workers to thrive. I will work to see the development of the Cooper site as a key contributor to Stratford's economic development.

4. What would you do to improve the lives of residents in our community?

4. I will continue to work to advance social, environmental and economic goals. I will continue to work at implementing the Housing & Homelessness plan for Perth County. I will continue to work on the Multi-residential composting pilot program with a goal to facilitate neighbourhood
composting. I will work to implement the Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan to encourage our community to realize the benefits both personally and as a whole of active transportation. I will continue to research opportunities and engage diverse stakeholders in conversations on what would benefit Stratford. I will be a voice addressing both short and long term goals in the budget process. I will work to build a plan on the Cooper Site to further drive economic development in the core.

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