Sunday, October 26, 2014

Endorsement from Tim Veal

Kerry brings a whole new approach to Stratford City Council, engaging members of her community on topics, and keeping them informed with relevant information. Her leadership and decision making is tempered by a very thoughtful and sober approach - one of those rare people who can put their own bias aside to consider another persons perspective. It has been such a pleasure working together with Kerry on topics such as Energy and Bicycling Transportation issues in Stratford; I can't imagine how she finds the time! I often find a note from Kerry in my inbox... "here's something you might be interested in", or "what are your thoughts on this issue".... this is the true role of a councillor: provide leadership and guidance, and facilitate communication between council and the community. Thirty-thousand people in this town - and the one person I would call on with a community issue is Kerry McManus.

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