Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Voting McManus makes sense because she is deeply committed to the environment of this place and its people. Lynda Weston

Voting McManus makes sense because she listens and follows through. Cheryl Nickel

I look for integrity. Kerry McManus has that. Martha Holmes

Voting McManus makes sense because...she has that rare quality: common sense...and so much more. Irene Miller

Voting McManus makes sense because ... she takes the time to listen, and then follows through, for a city she loves. Vicki-Lyn Gatschene

Voting McManus makes sense....integrity, commitment, experience Nanci McFadden Fair

Voting McManus makes sense because of the fact that you are reading this right now. Kerry always finds a way to connect with her community on issues - just the way she's doing on Facebook right now! I want to be involved in the decision making process - not just read about it the next day in the newspaper! McManus makes sense to me. Tim Veal

Voting for McManus makes sense because Kerry is a caring, committed and connected leader with the courage and smarts to do right. Katie Wreford

Voting McManus makes sense because Kerry is smart, works very hard for her community and makes sound wise decisions. Jane Eligh-Feryn

because we want reasoned, thoughtful, courageous leaders. Nadine Hayes

....Kerry McManus listens and questions in a fiscally responsible manner. Susan Young

Voting McManus makes sense because she will research when necessary to understand issues. As an added bonus, she has 4 years of experience; she knows the ropes! Susan Young

Voting McManus makes sense because Kerry is not falsely proud of this beautiful city of Stratford; nor is she falsely humble as a representative of the people who really care about the well-being of a beautiful vibrant community. Kerry truly legitimately cares about Stratford and it's people. She has consistently been pro-active in her approach to embracing and involving the community in all it's most crucial issues. In short, Kerry is the real deal. She is one who truly cares and is willing to invest as much of her life into our wellness as she possibly can. Besides that, she is just a very real and sweet down-to-earth smart person! Kerry has my vote. Period. Here's hoping some other people who are running can take note. Rick Francis

Voting McManus makes sense because she has a solid sensible way of looking at ALL sides of the issue..she has proved herself extremely valuable to our city council in the last term and deseves to keep her seat so she can continue her great work...VOTE McMANUS. Marlene E McNamara

Voting McManus makes sense because she takes the time talk to others and gain as much information as possible before making an informed decision. Miriam Mann

Voting McManus makes sense because in addition to being a knowledgeable, progressive and caring member of council, she shows special leadership in environmental and sustainability matters for the city. Mike Jorna

Kerry McManus makes sense, which saves us $. Sorry for the cheap pun, okay, sorry for the play on words, and the cheap pun. Philomena Hamberg

Voting Kerry McManus makes sense because we need informed, broad, critical thinking on council from people that are open to be engaged, informed and respectful. #StratfordON #getyourvoteon - Karen Schulman Dupuis

Kerry cares enough to engage and listen to other people's points of view, without jumping to conclusions. She encourages others to get involved and get their voices heard. In her thoughtful way, She embodies true democratic principles. Ed Pass (Sales at Energy Controls & Mechanical Services Inc., posted on LinkedIn)

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