Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thoughts on Hiring the Best M.P. for Perth-Wellington

While for some of us, the election date has been permanently stamped in our brains. For others, it could easily be forgotten. Don't forget to vote this Tuesday, October 14th.

I have heard from individuals wondering about strategic voting. I want to be the MP for Perth-Wellington. That being said, I want people to vote for me, not against someone else. I see the NDP platform as strong and myself as a strong candidate. I encourage you to encourage family and friends to check out and for more info.

Time is running out and while I know there's lots of support, your help could make the difference in who becomes the MP in Perth-Wellington.

Please help make sure everyone has the information they need on me and the NDP. Specifically, please consider emailing and/or talking to family and friends; inviting your friends to the facebook group - Elect Kerry McManus MP Perth/Wellington and changing your profile pic to the 'Elect Kerry McManus' sign for two days.

The percentage of eligible voters who normally don't vote is huge. I believe that if we could reach more of the voters in our riding, we could see a huge voter turn-out and win this election.

Please help. You'll be glad you did :)

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