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Be political, not partisan. Ideological, not utopian. ~ unknown

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thanks for your support!

Thank you Stratford! So appreciate your support. Your input and ideas energized this campaign. Keep the conversation going, share your thoughts here, Facebook, Twitter or at

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Endorsement by Karen Schulman Dupuis

Kerry McManus is one of the most conscientious people I've ever had the pleasure to work alongside.

While she actively listens to all sides of an issue, she thoroughly researches the subject matter to ensure that she has a good understanding before rendering a decision, regardless of whether or not the impact is large or small.

Kerry brings a great sense of social accountability, passion and justice to her work as an educator, a representative of the people in her community and as an activist. She empowers her students, engages her constituents and enlightens those around her with her innate intelligence, and her breadth of knowledge and creativity.

I look forward to watching Kerry's career and the positive impact that she'll ignite for years to come

Endorsement by Stewart Reynolds

Kerry McManus wears her heart on her sleeve. She wants the world to be a better place and, unlike most of us, is motivated to do something about it.

Kerry welcomes and encourages conversation and dialogue. She is one those rare breeds of educators and politicians who is open about her desire to learn more about a subject and seek differing perspectives.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kerry McManus for any task that Kerry deems worthy of her remarkable intellect and abilities.

Endorsement by Phil Buxton

Kerry always brings dedication, integrity, curiosity, determination, preparedness and consideration in her role as City Councillor.

Endorsement by Geoff Love

I have known and worked with Kerry on several issues and committees since moving to stratford 5 years ago.I am impressed by her knowledge and commitment to issues that matter in our community and by her integrity in all that she does. She is a positive, collaborative leader in our community and I fully recommend and endorse her candidacy to run again for city council.

Endorsement by Lisa Wilde

Kerry is the kind of city counsellor that is well informed about all the issues her city is facing. She is in touch with what's happening and genuinely cares about her constituents and their situations.

Endorsement by Susan Moffatt

Kerry's love for and commitment to the City of Stratford makes her a top pick to represent the people of this city on Council for another term. I am grateful that she is taking up the challenge for another round. I will be happily voting for Kerry.

Endorsement from Sherry Mason

Kerry makes sure she understands an issue thoroughly before voting or making recommendations. If she doesn't know something, she is not afraid to ask questions! She seeks advice and input from city staff, specialists, fellow councillors, and the citizens of Stratford.

Endorsement from Terry Hastings

Kerry is a highly committed individual with a strong sense of justice for those in need within our community. Her willingness to be a proactive voice for those who have little voice within society is an essential quality of her political integrity.

Endorsement from Helen Orr

Kerry is a dedicated educator and advocate for the environment and well-rounded citizens in our community. She is actively engaged in learning and improving; she listens and speaks up for what she believes in.

Endorsement from Rena Spevack

Kerry is passionately committed to Stratford and all those who live or visit here. She has strong values but is always pragmatic when working with city counsellors and staff. She is happy to hear from her constituents regardless of their stand on issues.

Endorsement from Carol Mitchell

Kerry is a well informed, professional and hard working city councillor. Keep up the great work Kerry!

Endorsement from Jenn Mezei

Kerry is an inspirational and determined member of the Stratford community who pours her efforts into the most worthy causes. I am particularly grateful for the example she has set in her work surrounding environmental issues. She is a leader on many fronts and we are lucky to have such a compassionate ambassador for the city.

Endorsement from Tim Veal

Kerry brings a whole new approach to Stratford City Council, engaging members of her community on topics, and keeping them informed with relevant information. Her leadership and decision making is tempered by a very thoughtful and sober approach - one of those rare people who can put their own bias aside to consider another persons perspective. It has been such a pleasure working together with Kerry on topics such as Energy and Bicycling Transportation issues in Stratford; I can't imagine how she finds the time! I often find a note from Kerry in my inbox... "here's something you might be interested in", or "what are your thoughts on this issue".... this is the true role of a councillor: provide leadership and guidance, and facilitate communication between council and the community. Thirty-thousand people in this town - and the one person I would call on with a community issue is Kerry McManus.

Endorsement from Elizabeth Anderson

For the past four years, Kerry has proved to be an outstanding member of Stratford City Council. She is approachable, often initiating community conversation with diverse subsets of the population. She uses community feedback and information gleaned from city staff to make informed decisions that benefit the residents of Stratford. Her knowledge of legislation and budgetary details are precise and she balances her approach to municipal matters with fiscal, social, and environmental considerations. Her leadership and innovation are commendable.

Endorsement from Irene Miller

I've know Kerry for about 3 years now, during which time she was a hard working, results oriented Councillor at City of Stratford as well as a respected high school teacher and librarian. She carried out all 3 jobs with a sense of responsibility and a great sense of humour. She is deeply committed to making Stratford even more livable and enjoyable by the whole community. Kerry is a great listener, very approachable and empathetic; and she has that rare knack of explaining the complex machinations of City Hall while working with both sides of any discussion.

Endorsement from Dr. Miriam Mann

I have known Kerry for the past 3 years though conversations regarding caring for certain patients in the ED and the importance of the Local Comm.Food C. Kerry is compassionate, thoughtful, articulate and dedicated. She seeks out information when dealing with a problem so that she can make and informed decision. She shows great dedication and enthusiasm for our community.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Endorsement from Steve Sauder

Kerry is a pleasure to work with on environmental projects. Kerry knows how to connect with the right people to get positive results. Thanks for being a great project partner!

Endorsement from Jane McKelvie

I am very pleased to support Kerry as she seeks another term on Stratford City Council.

Kerry is a dedicated and effective councillor who is strongly committed to this city and its citizens. She is also a passionate and hardworking advocate for our environment who leads by example.